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Miniature Horses and Their Unexpected Skills

Maybe I just didn’t know enough, but miniature horses always seemed like they don’t really have a purpose, other than being cute and small. That’s something, I guess. But these tiny horses also have a great skill that few people outside the horse-loving community seem to know about.

Minis, or miniature horses, are very cute creatures that we don’t typically run into as often as the regular horse. The only time that I have really encountered miniature horses is at a child’s birthday party. However, I’ve found recently that minis might be, err, underrated. Miniature horses can actually be guide animals. At first, this may seem odd and unconventional. However, for equestrian (horse) lovers or for those who could benefit from a guide animal, having a guide miniature horse might be a great solution.

I’ve learned of several reasons why some people have a guide mini horse, rather than a guide dog. One of the most obvious reasons is that some people have allergies to dogs. But, why horses? Horses have been leading humans for centuries, and some even say that they have a natural guide instinct. Trained horses of any size can be extremely calm amidst chaos and loud noises, which also make them ideal for any situation. Other traits that a horse generally possesses are good memories and terrific eyesight. (Horses have eyes on the sides of their heads, so they can have a range of nearly 350 degrees.) These animals are also the only guides capable of independent eye movement, meaning they can move each eye independently. So they can track potential danger with each eye. In addition, horses can see in almost total darkness. So why wouldn’t you want a horse guiding you?

Miniature horses can also be excellent guide companions because of their longevity and stamina. Minis can live up to 50 years and can travel many miles in a single outing. There are obvious disadvantages for these as guide animals, if only because even a mini horse is larger than most guide dogs. If you’re interested in a miniature guide horse or are unfamiliar with horses in general, speak with a guide spokesperson to learn more.

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